Why Boca Raton is One of the Best Places to Retire in Florida

Why Boca Raton is One of the Best Places to Retire in Florida

Retirement is a life-changing professional accomplishment that’s worth celebrating. Congratulations! Being able to retire doesn’t just happen on its own. You’ve worked hard to find yourself where you are today. Why not retire in Florida?

But once you’ve put in 40+ years of 40+ hour weeks, saved your money and made smart investments, and finally given your notice to your company… You face the next big life-question: What now?

Very few life questions are more exciting and daunting than the question of what to do for retirement.

For many, retirement means moving to a new place where a simple, comfortable lifestyle can be cherished. That’s why so many people choose to enjoy their retirement in South Florida.

In fact, Florida isn’t just another popular place to retire. It’s the #1 place to retire in the United States in 2018, according to Wallethub. And for good reason.

As you take a break from shopping online for comfortable beach sandals, here’s what you should know about one of Florida’s most popular cities for retirement, Boca Raton:

Retirement in Boca Raton, Florida

Live Your Best Retirement Lifestyle – Retire in Florida

If you agree that retirement should include sandals, sunshine, and golf, South Florida is here to deliver. But Florida offers more than just a temperate climate with year-round golf and swimming. It’s also a destination where luxury doesn’t cost you everything.

Consider this: When people think of experiencing a beachfront lifestyle in America, Florida and California are the states that come to mind. Right off the bat, it’s undeniable that the cost of living in Florida is significantly lower than most places in California.

Beyond Florida’s overall affordability compared to California, the state also offers tax incentives that make life in retirement even easier here. It has no state income tax or estate tax, among other tax breaks.

Beachfront Properties in Florida

Though it’s smart to consider the financial benefits of retiring in Florida, let’s be honest, you aren’t considering the Florida coast solely because it’s thrifty. You’re considering retiring in Florida because it is a literal retirement paradise complete with remarkable beaches, fun theme parks, gorgeous sunsets, and year-round temperate weather.

Moving to Boca Raton means living alongside one of the most popular coasts in the world. It means catching a sunrise beyond the rolling waves of the Atlantic ocean, taking a barefoot stroll through soft sand in the middle of January, and making every friend up north jealous every time you post a photo from your home in paradise.

Sound too good to be true? I’d love to schedule some beachfront open houses with you. Contact me here.

Beyond the Beaches

The obvious outdoor activities in Florida revolve around our coastlines. But Boca Raton has more to do outdoors than just enjoying the beach.

In fact, Boca Raton boasts nearly 50 parks! Whether you want a shaded walk below trees or an outside jungle-gym and playground for the grandchildren, Boca Raton has parks galore.

Not to mention, it’s impossible to talk about the benefits of retiring to Boca Raton without talking about our beautiful golf courses. Join one of several local golf clubs. Courses range in difficulty, so there’s fun for the ametuer and the veteran alike. Take your skills to the green!

The Quiet Retirement You Imagined – Retire in Florida

Boca Raton remains a serene oasis surrounded by some of Florida’s most populous and bustling cities. You can enjoy the pleasure of a quiet, laid-back retirement while only living a short-drive away from the fun of busier cities.

Plus, Boca Raton is not really big on nightlife, so you won’t have to deal with loud clubs or passersby like in Miami. But the restaurant scene is booming. We find that for most retirees, this is the perfect combination.

With the Fort Lauderdale and Miami airports only a short drive away, travel is never a challenge to organize. If you need a vacation from your vacation-lifestyle, Miami is also one of the top cruise ship ports in the world! You are also only a short drive from the Florida Everglades, Disney theme parks, and the Florida Keys.

Retire in Florida & Live in One of the Top Tourist Destinations in the World

There are certain benefits to living where everyone else vacations. First, you get perks that we’ve already talked about: great cuisine, beautiful nature, awesome golf courses, and more.

But more than that, it’s a destination that your friends and family will love to visit. Many local retirees love this aspect because it means that they get to see their loved ones a lot more frequently and make memories in some of Florida’s most enjoyable locations.

When friends and family from other states decide that your year-long photos from the beach are enticing, they may pay you visits! When Boston and New York City friends are scraping ice off their windshields, you’ll be taking the roof off your convertible to enjoy a warm ride to Sunday brunch.

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South Florida has so much to offer. As you consider where to move, I’d love to help you find the property of your dreams. Contact me today for a straightforward and personal real estate experience. Talk soon!

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