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Home Selling Tips

Preparing to Sell your Home

Before listing your property, consider a few things that can boost the appeal and make for a quick, profitable sale.

Start Outside: You only get one chance to make a first impression, so make sure it’s an accurate representation of your home. Your landscaping should be well manicured with an attractive entryway. A few ways that you can achieve ideal presentation is through bright annual flowers, new light fixtures, and a freshly painted front door. An inviting exterior will undoubtedly grab the attention of your potential buyers and make a significant impact before they step in the door.

Simple repairs: Evaluate each room in your home with a critical eye and make a checklist of improvements. They won’t cost you much and can make a significant difference to buyers. A fresh coat of neutral paint in main living areas is imperative, as a bright color could be a turn-off. Buyers like neutrals because it helps them to envision their own life within the walls. Repair broken door knobs, loose handles, and replace burned out light bulbs. These simple fixes will make your property stand out to buyers in a competitive market.

Clean and practical: Take the time to remove clutter and organize drawers and closets. Depersonalize your space, and make it more inviting for prospective buyers. This may seem like a chore now, but it will save time when you’re ready to move. One of our most sensitive senses is smell, so a fresh welcome is essential. A deep clean can help you achieve this. Cozy details to make buyers feel at home can significantly boost appeal, so consider flowers near the entryway, baked goods in the oven, or a candle lit on the table. If you feel overwhelmed, relax. We are dedicated to assisting in this process and can provide junk removal, cleaning services, and even baked goods to pop out of the oven.

Completing the necessary paperwork: We can assist you in all of the legal procedures involved in the disclosure process and help ensure that the statement thoroughly represents the property. We understand which issues may arise, and we can suggest simple solutions to improve the home’s status before listing it.

Secure all necessary legal documents and use them to protect yourself from fraud. Both the purchaser and the lender will require satisfactory proof that you have a good title to the property. Buyers and lenders will also want a satisfactory survey including all easements, rights of way, and encroachments. Other important documents to have on hand: current tax information, utility bills, and warranties on your roof and appliances.

Gameday: Your property is finally ready to show off and sell! Count on us to be there every step of the way as you prepare for this important day. We will work with you to ensure a smooth sale and be available at any time to make this process stress-free.

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