Home Renovations Worth the Cost

Home Renovations Worth the Cost

Is it possible to make renovations to your home without losing money? Are home renovations worth the cost? Sometimes, yes!

Fortunately, there are many home renovation projects you can do which actually add selling value to the property. In other words, investing a little money in home renovations before a sale often results in a full reimbursement of that investment when the home finally sells.

It’s important to be aware that a lot of home renovations do NOT increase the value of your home to the dollar value invested, so be strategic about the projects you take on.

If you’re looking for some ideas, below are examples of renovation projects that add near-equal selling value to the house:

Are These Home Renovations Worth the Cost?


Painting your home is a fairly low cost that refreshes and pronounces the beauty of your home. Not only can you expect to recuperate the cost of hiring painters (or doing it yourself), but a newly-painted home might also lead to a faster sale.

Curb Appeal

Another low-cost renovation that makes a huge difference when selling a home: general yard maintenance.

Restore the beauty of your yard by hiring professional contractors to restore your property back to its prime look. Pressure cleaning your driveway and sidewalk can also make a huge difference!

Basic Bathroom Remodel

With bathroom remodels, you don’t have to go over the top. Consider painting the cabinets with a fresh shade. You don’t have to be opulent: less is more when it comes to bathrooms. Replace a standard flat bathroom mirror with a framed option from a local boutique or consignment shop.

It’s often best to keep bathrooms neutral and consider updating your tub for a walk-in shower.

Basic Kitchen Remodel

Consider modest improvements to your kitchen such as painting cabinets, installing new hardware, adding fresh countertops, or putting in a new kitchen sink to stay competitive in the market. A welcoming kitchen can be the main selling point for some homes. A little restorative investment upfront can mean a faster, more competitive sale.

Replace Your Garage Door

A freshly painted garage door provides a positive first impression and highlights curb appeal. If you need to replace your old garage door, the cost of a replacement door tends to be returned at the sale of your house.

Selling Your Home

As you prepare your Florida home for sale, you can also check out our comprehensive checklist on selling your South Florida home. If you need help connecting with trusted South Florida contractors to accomplish some of the chores I’ve listed above, I’m glad to offer recommendations, contact me today give me a call at 561-504-7130. I’d love to help market your home, get it listed on all the major sites, and help you get a competitive price for your property.

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