How To Prepare Your Florida Home For Sale

How To Prepare Your Florida Home For Sale

Selling a home in South Florida isn’t just a matter of luck. You can take intentional actions regarding your home that help it stand out among other Florida properties. Chances are, your real estate agent will take care of the listing and marketing of your property. But there are still steps you can–and should–take to make enhance the saleability of your home. This article will help you iron out the finer details so that it truly pops when prospective homebuyers visit your home. As you prepare your Florida home for sale, here’s a comprehensive checklist to follow so that your property stands out in the local South Florida market:


You only have one shot at a first impression. If prospective homebuyers are discouraged by the look of your lawn or driveway, there’s a good chance they’ll carry that discouragement into the house as well. At best, they’ll lose their optimism. At worst, they’ll decide they don’t like the home even before they enter it.

Here are simple ways to clean up the look of the exterior of you home:

Lawn Care

Let’s start with the basics. An unkempt lawn, line of overgrown bushes, and yard full of weeds is sure to be remembered, but only for the wrong reasons. Mow the lawn, prune the overgrown plants, and get rid of any weeds.

Pressure Washing

Pressure cleaning is a relatively fast service that can transform the look of the exterior of a home. Common things to pressure clean include: driveway, sidewalk, tile roof, pool areas, and cement patios.

Many of the items on this list are easy do-it-yourself (DIY) projects. However, pressure cleaning can get messy, and if you’re unsure about which surfaces can handle high water pressure vs those that can’t, it’s best to leave the project to an experienced team.

Window Cleaning

This is a simple step that improves the interior and exterior of the home. From the outside, clean windows offer a beautiful aesthetic that pronounces the cleanliness of your home. From the inside, clean windows let in natural light which brightens the home, making it feel more lively and inviting.

Freshen Up That Garden

Buying a few bags of red mulch or smooth garden rocks is a fairly low-cost way to accentuate the beauty of the outside of your home. It’s a simple touch that can make a strong first impression.

Make the Backyard Memorable

If you have a pool, fenced yard, or even just a small space to BBQ, make sure it looks inviting. The right backyard can be a strong selling point to some families. Go the extra mile to present a beautiful, alluring backyard.  


Dive into the mind of a future homeowner. What do they want their home to be? The preparations you make to the interior of your home must emphasize the lifestyle most people want from their house.

Here are some simple design and organizational tricks to make your property match what homeshoppers are looking for:

Trade Family Photos for Mirrors

No one wants to feel like they’re preparing to live in another person’s home. They want it to feel like their home. To match that desire, depersonalize your home before showings. Remove most of your family photos to make it easier to imagine their own family living in your house.

By mounting and displaying extra mirrors throughout the house, prospective homebuyers literally see themselves in your home. Mirrors can also make certain spaces appear larger, and with greater depth.

Declutter and Deep Clean

This point is obvious but deserves mention anyway. No one wants to imagine themselves living in a dirty home. If your home is messy, it’s unappealing. Organize, clean, scrub, dust, and wash the place floor to ceiling.

Empty the Closets and Garage

Decluttering doesn’t mean stuffing your closet and garage with excess furniture and knick knacks. Homebuyers want to know that their belongings will fit comfortably into their next home. By having storage space stuffed to its brim, it gives the appearance of a house that can’t handle the next family’s belongings.

A garage or closet with ample free space, on the other hand, is very reassuring.

Use Intentional Lighting

This is another simple one: open your blinds to let in some natural light (read: another reason to clean your windows and trims your bushes).

Also, replace burnt out bulbs throughout your house so that every corner is bright and no corner appears neglected.

Emphasize a Healthy Kitchen

We all aspire to be more healthy. Showcase your kitchen as a resource for maintaining a healthy lifestyle by displaying a filled fruit bowl on the counter, cookbooks that emphasize health-conscious meals, and clean countertops.

Many of us associate plants with activeness and good health. Having a small succulent on the counter might help guests associate your kitchen with the beauty of outdoors. Opening your window blinds to let in sunlight can convey a similar picture.

Focus on a Scent

Don’t underestimate the impact of richly-scented home. A detering smell can remove a home from a family’s consideration altogether, while a fragrant home can draw extra attention and make it memorable.  

There are a few ways to create a dazzling scent in your home. Lighting scented candles throughout the house is one trick. You may even consider using a sweet smell, like that of fresh-baked cookies. Bake some chocolate chip cookies in the oven shortly before a scheduled showing. The scent will permeate the kitchen and nearby rooms. Leave the cookies on the counter with a simple sign offering the fresh batch to guests.

Prepare Your Florida Home for Sale with the Help of a Market-Savvy Real Estate Agent

There’s a lot you can do to transform the look of your home to make it more appealing to homebuyers. But at the end of the day, strategic marketing from an experienced real estate agent is the most straightforward ways to quickly find a buyer.

As you prepare your Florida home for sale, I’d love to help market your home, get it listed on all the major sites, and help you get a competitive price for your property. Also, if you need help connecting with trusted South Florida contractors to accomplish some of the chores I’ve listed above, I’m glad to offer recommendations, contact me today.

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