What is the probate process?

ProbateProbate is the legal process of determining and dissolving the possessions of a loved one after they’ve passed away. This includes determining appropriate heirs based on information in the will, using the deceased person’s remaining assets to pay off any outstanding debts, and distributing remaining belongings as inheritance to the appropriate parties.

The probation process isn’t an easy one to go through. Beyond the emotions of losing a loved one, there are often decades of collected possessions that loved ones must now sort through. The process can take anywhere from several days to multiple months, depending on the complexity and size of the home, number or family members available to assist in the process, and other factors.

What to do after inheriting an estate from a loved one

Inheriting a home full of belongings from a loved one comes with many mixed emotions and unusual challenges. Finding the time to distribute belongings, prepare certain items to sell, and put the home on the market is a lot of work and responsibility. Many family members may even live out of state, complicating and prolonging the process even further. That’s why many families resolve to finding professional help.

Hiring a probation expert means streamlining the selling and organization process while making things less emotionally strenuous for the loved ones involved.

South Florida probate expert

Remember, handling probates doesn’t have to be a one person job.

Chris Donati is a trusted, warm-hearted South Florida real estate agent with experience helping families renovate, organize, and prepare for estate and home sales after the loss of a loved one.

Chris will work closely with you to streamline and simplify the selling process of a loved one’s estate. He oversees:

  • The hiring of trustworthy contractors
  • All home clean-out, restoration, and organization
  • Hosting and marketing of an estate sale
  • Finding appropriate investors
  • Much, much more

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